Dennis A. Meredith

Bishop Dennis A. Meredith is the senior pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, and his goal is to inspire, educate, and liberate. He gained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion from Sanford University in Birmingham, Alabama. While living in Birmingham, he served at Mount Zion Baptist Church and Sardis Baptist Church. Traversing from the east coast to the west coast, Bishop Meredith attended graduate School at Golden Gate Theological Seminary while serving as Bishop of Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist church in Oakland, California.

Whether Bishop Meredith is moderating a community forum, facilitating a relationship class, or preaching from the pulpit, his aim is to unite love's wisdom to build healthy, successful relationships and communities. He has helped people overcome past pains and discover their freedom and their right to Christ.

He is most known for his leadership and unremitting efforts to promote change for social justice and human rights for all people. He focuses relentlessly on equal rights for same gender loving people and couples. Bishop Meredith has become a role model for all people through his messages of hope and affirmation. His church's motto is "Love and Acceptance". It's an inclusive ministry for all people regardless of race, gender, and / or sexual orientation. His ministry provides a religious and spiritual covenant for those who have been prejudicially left out of being allowed to worship in traditional churches because of their sexual orientation or social differences.

Bishop Meredith is a man of noble strength with a reputation for honesty, intellect, equality, and compassion. He has helped and continues to free thousands to spiritually and personally live their authentic life and truth. His excitement and energy for encouraging his members to truly love themselves and one another is powerful. Bishop Meredith has the heart of God and it manifests in his family, in his church, and in his life. He is today's Freedom Fighter.

Bishop Meredith lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his husband Lavar Burkett Meredith.